Lift Sleeve
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RM 49.90
60 g
Lift – Sleeve  
Convertible laptop sleeve and stand  
  • Convertible Laptop Sleeve and Stand
  • For Macbook Air 13” , Macbook Pro 13” , or any slim 13'' Laptop
  • Patented laptop sleeve that convertible into ergonomics stand
  • Raise display height close to eye level for ergonomics posture
  • Reduce neck & wrist bending angles; reduce muscular strain & pain
  • Isolate laptop heat when using on lap
  • Made of soft PU leather and soft lining in the inner part
Model : 
041C-U13  : For Macbook Air 13” , Macbook Pro 13” or any slim 13” laptop.

Material :
  • Case outer layer is made of PU leather, which is soft and gentle. It give a more premium look.
  • Case inner layer come with soft touch materials for scratch protection.

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